Product Videos

On this page you will find videos that we hope will help you see how amazing some of our products really are for yourself.  We work closely with our suppliers to gain the knowledge they have to understand our products rather than just selling them.  We have a set of "How To" videos to demonstrate how our customers can get the most out of our products, these videos give clear and valuable advise on specific products. We also show how valuable CT1, WT1, Multisolve, Superfast glue, are not forgetting Big Wipes to get rid of all your grime and grease and show some great Real Deals For You gift ideas. Bahco have some great socket sets for sale. You can also watch all of these videos on our YouTube channel.

How To Tuesdays Videos

Multi-Fix Stella Fixings:   Stella is a rapid heavy duty fixing, predominantly for applications into plasterboard, but is also very effective when fixing to block, concrete and brick.

Mult-Fix Concrete Screw:   In this video we talk about  TIMco Multi-fix Concrete Screw. The modern alternative to traditional masonry fixings, simply drill a hole and insert this versatile fixing. Ideal for fixing into brick, concrete, block and wood..

  • In-Dex Heavy Duty Timber Screw

  • This hex head, heavy duty timber screw, is the modern alternative to the traditional Coach Screw. Extremely quick and easy to use, the In-Dex negates the need to pilot drill, and the Exterior plating allows for use in external environments.

    Difference between screw thread lengths

    In this video we explain the difference between screws and their thread lengths. Why particular threaded screws give better clamping and how fully threaded screws can result in jacking.

Real Deals For You Videos
Last year we started supplying Real Deals For You products.  These are really useful products at low costs.  We have put some videos to show just how good some of these products are

CT1, Miracle Seal, Multisolve, Super Fast Glue, WT1 & Peel Tec
These products really do need to be seen to be believed! They are like magic and some of our best sellers. Please feel free to contact ourselves for more information if needed.

Bahco Socket Sets

Pipecut 170E

Broadfix Fixings

Tractel Harness Range